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三分钟励志英文演讲稿 第1篇

  English is a useful language all over the world. Why are we began to learn English when we were little children? Beacause it is very important for us to learn it.In the world, if you cannot speak English you will lose half a chance to success.

  Even if my English is very bad, my teacher stll encourages me to learn English hard and he gives me some ways to learn English. He tells me to read passages loudly and listen to the English tapes everyday morning.In order to progress my writing he also asks me to write some articles at times. I like listen to the English songs,he suggests me to sing the English songs.As a result of his ways my English becomes well.

  Now, I like English very well and I still use the ways he tells me.I know I must learn English even hard.

三分钟励志英文演讲稿 第2篇

  We should learn to stick to our life no matter how difficult the life is and we should learn to love others .It is the flim tellsx me .

  It is a story talks about a black girl named Precious .Precious isx fat and not beautiful. Her bad temped mother never workx, always cheated others to relieve her ,and atex while watching TV all day.What is worse ,Precious was only 16,but she had pregnant for twice .Out of assumption ,her child is her farther ''s child .Living in this life ,she alawys imagine to avoid facing her life .Fortunately,with the help and careneof the teacher and doctor ,her life became not so bad .

  Precious has a tough life ,and if she gives up her life and does not join the adult education ,she will not meet the teacher and her life may not be changed .When we xfaced with the difficulty x,avoidingx is not a good way for us. It can not solve the problems.What we need to do is that analying the cause and trying to changed our place .So we should be brave and face the trap directly.

  The film also teachs us to love others.Precious is someone who may exit near us .If precious own a good family and some friends,she may not fell so despaired. In spite of the development of our world ,there still many people suject misfortune.love and help can make them fell better ,so we should not scant our love .

三分钟励志英文演讲稿 第3篇

  The footsteps of the 20xx World Expo is getting closer and closer to us, civilized and harmonious call is still ringing in my ears. Shanghai, China obtained the right to host the World Expo 20xx, Expo 20xx Shanghai China will be a world event, the development of Shanghai's new round of golden opportunity, as it is an important embodiment of our national spirit.

  World Expo is a great influence and a long history of international activities, is the largest gathering of human beings. People from around the world gathered in one place display their products and skills, boast of their hometown and motherland. Expo set the culmination of human civilization, which has a unique appeal, make you feel surging.

  World Expo is a platform, we are the masters. She put up a platform for us to let the world know us; she built a bridge for us, so we better communicate with the world. This platform may let us display self wantonly. We are the masters here, we have to landlord, let guest experience enthusiasm and happiness.

  Everyone to contribute for the Expo, we are no exception, as a living piece of fertile land in Pudong's teachers, we are proud and pride. In the vision of a better tomorrow, we have to do for the World Expo will own a wonderful ability, we have through our hands, warm heart and sincerity to practical action to achieve the commitment of Shanghai to the world. We should educate the many students: do not throw garbage anywhere, no spitting, no jaywalking ... ..., Hello, thank you frequently mention, let the material on this city with the New York comparable to the spiritual civilization. Educate our students to exciting 20xx, willing to Shanghai's future by copies of power, if only planted a small tree, participants in the Shanghai World Expo foreign guests feel: This is a forest city, pollution-free city, ancient and civilized city. Better City, Better Life! Until the time of the 20xx Expo, then, we want to become a glorious volunteers, to changing our foreign friends in Shanghai and China's long history, a

  bout our education for the World Expo will contribute their efforts.

  We expect the majority of teachers will be great enthusiasm for the World Expo into practical action to meet the World Expo, the Expo will be a total growth, and the City of development, the development of Shanghai devote their efforts to advance hand in hand with Shanghai.

三分钟励志英文演讲稿 第4篇

  Life, there are three stages - youth, middle age and old age, which is the most precious youth, this period any move will affect the later life, so to speak, adolescence is the foundation of life, the success of future generations is built on this foundation. Have such a book, it says the adolescent age is 13 to 19 year old boy. Carefully thought, (you certainly refers to the students. Are standing on the starting point of a person.

  Also said that the book is adolescence has a warm, vigorous can make their own youth, can to some details, sad cry, this is our, happy and do not break composed, impulse and do not break a shrine. Starting on, write a diary, when I grow up one day, one of an adult calm state of mind to see it again, maybe you will be moved to cry, may laugh along while, may do a lot of action, because this is we have youth, beautiful like a dream, happy, like fairy, simple like a leaf, in social this big tree researched under his shade, hot outside has nothing to do with us, we just separated out my own piece of the woods, radiation with his cool and refreshing, but we will feel sorry, because we miss too many opportunities, also failed too much, that is our, happy, may not understand to cherish, simple us. If gave up during this period, the future will be dim light, in the mountains there are so many children to read, as long as some pens, a book and a house can have a class, has no other desire, if we are with them in class, I dare not say we are the children in the city how much stronger than they, perhaps we might as well be "wild child" of these in our eyes, because only a person lost will be more know to cherish, coloured drawing or pattern is more seriously in the face of everything.

  For us, after the third day of the examination is a barrier, is very important for us is very serious thing, can take an examination of to a good high school? Can have a good high school life? This is now all doubt there are many people around us, but a loser, is can't afford to defeat the loser, perhaps is a failure, let their cold hearts, they can't make a loss. Maybe they had tried, regret, but too late, discarded after don't come back, actually everybody's strength is similar, just lack of effort and confidence, believe your own power, lost nothing, but can't afford to lose momentum, even if the failure of the end let you stand up, not lying to life, there is at least a fighting, later remembered wouldn't be so sorry, so timid, do not regret it, is belongs to our youth, because when let our master, come on, perhaps, victory come from





三分钟励志英文演讲稿 第5篇

  Success for me

  Hello, everyone! Good afternoon! I am very glad to have the chance to make this speech. My topic is: how to achieve success. First of all, let us see a story.

  “Long long ago, there was a king who had a daughter as beautiful as a blooming rose. To all the men who came to the king's palace to ask for the hand of the princess, the old king gave them three tasks to be accomplished, each next to impossible. One day, there came up a handsome young prince in the king's palace." Well, you know the rest. The three tasks may be different in different versions, but the main plot is always the same, Prince successfully passed all the challenge and got the heart of the princess in time. And the ending is always the same, finishing with the line "And they live happily ever after."

  Why aren't we tired of this story so beautiful, so uealistic (, I would say, so unimaginative ? How can a story like that can enduregenerations of repetition? The reason, I think, is that a typical success story like this is so close to our daily life. Moreover we can understand so deeply, it is not just a story, but a good will from people’s inner heart. By implication, we see a 4-step definitions of success: 1 ) a goal to be set. as represented by the beautiful princess. So you’d better find your princess as soon as possible; 2 ) challenges to be meet, as represented by the three tasks. Only if you directly meet the challenge, can you besuccessful; 3 ) the process of overcoming difficulties, as represented by the ordeals the youth goes through; 4 ) the reward of success, as represented by the happy marriage. That’s all! Find your princess, meet challenges, overcome difficulties, and have a good life.

  Thank you!