What should I do

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What should I do 第1篇

  八年级(下)英语学案     第12课时

  【课题】:unit 2   revision

  【励志小木屋】:one hour today is worth two tomorrow.争分夺秒效率高。


  (一)知识目标:1、master words、phases and sentences.

  2、what should i do?    you should write him a letter…..

  (二)能力目标:learn bout problems and give advice.


  【学习重难点】】give advice: should, shouldn’t, could, why don’t you...?。

  【task 1】: 用所给动词的适当形式填空

  1. you should _______(go) to see a doctor.2. mother asked me ________(get) up early.

  3.coud you get a t_________to the concert or me ?i want to go to the concert.

  4.what he said s__________ me a lot.he is so good a boy.

  5.last night he didn’t go to bed u________he finished his homework


  1. 我想你可以向警察求助。  think you _______ _________ the police _______ help.

  2. 我的朋友与我穿同样的衣服,留同样的发型。

  my friends _________ the same clothes and has the same ________ as  i ________.

  3. 你有许多事情可做。 there are lots of things you __________  ___________.

  4. 我不知道我做错了什么。 i don't know _________ i _________ ___________.

  5.  除了我以外, 我们班的每个人都去了上海。

  _________ __________ in my class went to shanghai __________ me.

  6. 我父亲很生我的气,因为我英语考试不及格。

  my father was very _________ _________ me because  i _________ my english test.

  7. 你能给我一些建议吗? could you give  me _________ _________?

  8 . 你应当和你的老师讨论一下班会的事。

  you should _______ ______ your teacher _______ the class meeting.

  task 3:  单项选择

  1.---what’s the matter?    ---      

  a. it’s a problem.     b. i can’t find my watch

  c. no, it is’t         d. it doesn’t matter

  2. he doesn’t know         .

  a where his food are     b.where his food is

  c. where is his food     d.where are his food

  3.---what should he do?   ---       

  a. really?                   b. sorry to hear that.

  c.he could do more exercises    d. oh, dear

  4. let’s      erin and invite her to play ping-pong.

  a.call in  b. call at   c. call on    d. call up

  5. ---what’s wrong with you?  ---i      my friend yesterday.

  a. argued with   b. argued   c. argued to  d.argue

  6. the store is open every day      sunday. a. except  b. beside c. without d. only

  7. ---paula, it's 7 p.m. ---well, it’s time    

  a. do homework    b.doing homework  

  c. to do homework  d. for homework

  8. last month, my friend borrowed a picture book      me.

  a. to   b.from    c. with      d. /

  9. to my   , she is my twin sister. a. surprise b.surprised c.surprises  d. surprising

  10. i have some problems with my friends. could you give me      ?

  a. an advide   b. some advices   c. some advice   d. advice

  11. i like playing computer games very much. i often play games        11 o’clock at night.       a. on   b. in    c. of    d. until

  12. he is   to buy a car. a. rich enough b. enough rich c. too rich d. very rich


  out of style,  pay for,  get a tutor,  argued,  invite

  1.i ________  with my best friend.   2.my clothes are ___________ ___________.

  3.i need to get some money to ___________  __________ summer camp.

  4.he could ________  __________ to come to his home.

  5.your friends are having a party and they didn’t _________ ________ you.

  【限时作业】    满分10分           得分率__________

  1.这种款式的女装,现在正流行。 this style of dress _________ _______ _________ now.

  2.我不喜欢这部电脑,已经过时了。i don’t like this computer, it’s _______ _________ _________.

  3.同学之间不能相互吵架。the students shouldn’t ________ _________ __________ ___________.


  if you have something to ask me, please ________ ________ _________.

  5.也许你可以给他一张球票。 maybe you could _______ him ______ ______ ______ a ball game.

  6. 我不想在电话上谈这事。  i don’t want to talk about it _________ ________ __________.

  homework  书面表达(15分)


  dear allien,

  i’m sorry to hear that you have some problems.

  ___________________________________________                                        ________________________


What should I do 第2篇


  【课题】:unit 2  whwt should i do ?    section a  3a---4

  【励志小木屋】:perfection does not exist---- you can always do better and you can always grow.完美并不存在---你总可以做得更好,总是可以成长。


  知识目标  1.识记p12单词及短语。 2. he doesn’t have any money , either .

  能力目标: 1. 掌握情态动词 could , should 的用法。

  2. 熟练运用why don’t you .... ? 结构 。


  【预习重难点】: 重点  目标2      难点  目标3

  一、自主预习  (一)   预习任务 1.写出下列单词

  同样地(不) ____________ 付账________  兼职工作_____________ 面包或糕点的售卖活动 ___________青少年论坛_________家庭教师______

  2  英汉互译

  1.一份兼职工作__________________ 2.加入一个俱乐部_____________

  3.面包售卖__________________4 .一个好主意_____      

  5.从...借...    ___        6.为...买...           _____

  7. 找一个家庭教师到他家来            

  3. 完成3a.

  (二)预习诊断   补全对话

  a. i can’t bake .    b. he doesn’t have any money , either .

  c. what should i do ?   d. i don’t think so.

  e.  i don’t have time.

  a: i need to get some money to pay for summer camp. 1

  b: well , you could get a part-time job.

  a: 2

  c: i have an idea.you could borrow some money from your brother.

  a: no, 3

  d: i think you should ask your parents for some money .

  b:or you could sell your cds.

  a:no, 4  i love my cds.

  d: maybe you could have a bake sale.

  a: no,  5 

  d:then maybe you should call teen talk ,the radio advice program .

  (三)预习反思 do you have any questions ?


  step 1  预习交流------ 精讲点拨

  he doesn’t have any money , either . 1) either为副词,意为“也(不……),常用在否定句中。he can’t play the guitar . i can’t , either.

  辨析: either / too / also

  1) either为副词,意为“也(不……),常用在否定句句末,用逗号隔开。

  2) too 意为“也”, 用在陈述句和疑问句句末,用逗号隔开。

  3) also意为“也”, 用在肯定句中间,位于be动词、助动词或情态动词后,行为动词前。

  1. i don’t like the food, he doesn’t like it, ____ . 2.he has lots of pen pals, ____

  3. they ______ like playing tennis .

  step2  warming-up   step 3  lead-in   step 4  practice 3a    

  step 5  pairwork  3c  step6  groupwork

  step7 拓展提升

  1. i like eating oranges , too. (否定句)

  i ____ _____ eating oranges,______.

  2. he paid 100 yuan for the shirt. (同义句)

  he _____ 100 yuan _____ the shirt .

  3.she should ask her mother for some money.(否定句)

  she ________ ask her parents for ______ money.

  4. she needs to get a job.( 画线部分提问)

  _______ ____ she ______ to do ?

  三、限时作业 满分 10 分    得分 ________

  1.he is looking for a p_____ job to make more money .

  2. did you p______ for your cds ?

  3. my brother can’t play the piano. i can’t , e_________ .

  4. i want to b______ some books from the library .

  5. i need some money ________ ( buy ) a gift for my mother.

  6. can you give me some _______ (advice) on how to learn english well?

  7. my teacher often gave me __________ .

  a. a good advice   b. some good advice  c. some good advices

  8. you should ask your parents ____ some money ____ pay ____ the new shoes.   a. for,to, for  b. to, for, for  c. for, / for  d. to, for, to

  9. ---what should i do , doctor ?

  ---- ______ healthy, you should take more exercise.

  a. keep    b. keeping   c. to keep  d. to keeping

  10. you don’t need _____ ( have ) a bake sale.


What should I do 第3篇

  八年级(下)英语学案     第11课时

  【课题】unit 2 what should i do?  reading

  【励志小木屋】a bad beginning makes a bad ending.不善始者不善终。

  【学习目标】(一)、知识与能力:1.master the words、phases and sentences.



  通过引导学生反复阅读和pairwork, groupwork掌握阅读策略。

  (三)、情态动词与价值观:learn to share information with their partners.




  task 1: 翻译下列单词和短语:

  1.压力__________ 2.抱怨_____________3.包括___________ 4.比较____________5. 有组织的__________ 6.自由___________7.找到时间做….__________________8.尽可能…. ___________________9. 各种各样的_____________________10.一方面____________________ 11.另一方面___________________ 12.直到…才____________________13.该(做)…了____________________ 14.向…抱怨…________________ 15.参加…_______________________16.看见…做…___________________  17.与…比较___________________ 18.发现做….怎样__________________

  task2:  翻译

  1. 疲惫的孩子们直到晚上七点才回家。____________________________________________.

  2. 并且他们总是拿他们和其他孩子相比。__________________________________________.

  3. 他也说当这些孩子长大后可能会发现自己难以独立思考。


  task 3:用说给词的适当形式填空。

  1.don’t complain about _____________(do)homework.

  2.parents seem ____________(push)their childred a lot more than before.

  3.we find it very difficult __________(think)for ourselves.

  4.on weekends i always have lots of things__________(do).

  5.he is always ________(talk) in class.that makes teachers angry.


  1.医生说孩子们都处于太多压力下。 doctors say many children are ____ ____ ___ ______.

  2.他们需要时间独立地做事情。  they need time to do things ____ _____.

  3.你尽可能多吃水果。  you should eat fruit ____ ______ _____ ________.

  4.人们不应该如此严重地压迫他们的孩子。people ______ ______ their kids so hard.

  5.你能找出这个问题的答案吗?can you _____ _____ the answer _____the question?

  (三)预习置疑: do you have any questions?__________________


  step1: warming-up   step2: lead-in  step3: finish some tasks by reading.  step4 精讲点拨find it + adj.+(for sb) to do sth. 意为“发现做某事怎么样”,it为形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的动词不定式短语to do sth.形容词作宾语补足语。


  i find _______ _________ _________us ________learn english well.

  step5: 拓展延伸:

  1.he boy is ____ ___ to go to school, but he doesn't have enough money.

  a. enough old    b. enough young  c. old enough  d. young enough

  2. the tired students ____ go to bed ____ eleven o'clock.

  a. can't, until   b. not, until   c. doesn't, until     d. /, until

  3. he found ____ hard to learn math well.  a. it  b. that  c. this  d. one

  4.i ______ it everywhere , but i didn’t  _____ it .

  a . looked for , looked for        b. looked for , find 

  c. found , looked for            d. find , look for

  step6: summary:

  三、限时作业:(满分10).                  得分率_______

  1、they don’t need help. they can do the work all by t__________.

  2.we should give childred enough__________(自由) to do as they wish.

  3. 除了我之外,大家都参观动物园了。 ______ visited the zoo ____ me.

  4. 他父亲昨天晚上直到12点才睡觉。his father_____ go to bed _____12 o’clock last night.

  5. 孩子们发现彼此融洽相处很简单。

  children find _____ easy ______ _______ ________ ________ _______ each other.

  6. 去邮局用了我十分钟。 it _____ me ten minutes ____ _____ _____ the post office.

  7.这个裙子的式样和我的一样。 the style of the dress is _______ _______ ________ _________.

  homework 句型转换

  1.you should write him a letter. (就划线部分提问)_________ _________ _________do?

  2. i think you should finish your homework first.(改为否定句)


  3. you are not as popular as your best friend.(改为同义句)

  your best friend is__________   _________than you.

  4. the bike is his.(就画线部分提问)    ________ is the bike?

  5. he has some money ,too.(改为否定句)

  he ________   ________   ________money, ________.